Photography Services

We have  providee photographic and imaging services to a select group of clients, and now donate them to community and international projects we admire.

Commercial Services
  • Digital photography and imaging for web, brochure and manual publishing -- of products, office environments, trade shows....
  • We focus on the construction and associated industries -- landscapers, builders, realtors...
  • We are targeting new companies with new  web sites -- we can help you grow
  • Customer events and meetings
  • We can build simple web sites
  As added value, we can share our general marketing expertise with customers.  What does
  this  mean?

  We can share with your business what we are learning as a marketing consultant
  to  some of America's most  successful corporations -- inexpensively and personally.

  We will not only share our photographic expertise, but what we know about getting rid of paper and
  reaching customers electronically, assuring high visibilty and cost savings.

   Our credo is that photography is an art form that enriches customers and shows their commitment to
    'looking good' as they do well.

  Photo Gallery  and Fun
Russia 2010

     2010 Applefest

Westborough Rotary

Northborough Senior
     Center Grand Opening

An Evening at Fenway
     New England Autumn

     For the Birds

     Beautiful Bermuda

     2005 Travel Photos

     2004 Travel Photos

     Christo Gates Photos

     Nigeria, 1977


     Attic Rail Museum

     Friends of Amtrak

     Friends of Amtrak Gallery


  We have a special interest in the building and landscaping business. Our commercial
  assignments have included helping Aquascape Pool Designs, a Massachusetts company
  which designs and installs deluxe swimming pools and associated landscape environments. 
  Its website contains many of our photos in its gallery, some of which have won prizes for

   Click here to see how the pool  photo on the left was turned into a Verizon Yellow
  Pages advertisement.

Here's an example of how our work can be used to illustrate a story about your products and beautiful work.

Appearing in the May 2006 edition of City Life, it features two of our photographs, taken for Aquascape Pool Designs.

Our philosophy is that you should not only show the results of your beautiful work, but how you do it. How you build quality into all your processes. Customers want to know about that. Photographic evidence is great. We also involve you in all parts of the
creative process, including the content of your photos -- removing unwanted items, changing color cast, etc.

  No job is too large or too small so  if you are a contractor, realtor,
  landscaper....give us a call. 
  Check out a gallery of photos taken for
  Gallagher Real  Estate, a Northborough customer. One of our Gallagher photos
  is on the left.  We are also helping Northborough Coldwell Banker's  Michelle
  Gillespie, for whom we have photographed many homes. Our wide angle lenses
  and post-processing skills provide great coverage and add punch to real estate

Additional customers include the Massachusetts Department of Education, Avnet, Inc., the Builders Association of Central Massachusetts and Trainriders Northeast/Amtrak.  We contribute photos and edit the web site of Project Gemini, a joint international project of Rotary International, of which I am a member, and the University of Massachusetts Medical Center, an emergency medicine project we serve as a member of its Board of Directors.  We are also editing the site of the Westborough Rotary Club, of which I am a new member.
Kelly Sheet Metal in Lowell, Massachusetts.

Personal Collections
  • We can repair old photos to protect and preserve precious memories for future generations. Drop us a note for more information. We are not a mass production service. You will get the same attention we pay to our own photo collections
We are also putting albums of photos on Facebook, some of which are linked off the Photo Gallery on this page. Facebook is free and a good place to keep up with many friends, groups and associates.

We also document community events as a service.  Click here to see our collection of photos from the 2010 Northborough Applefest.

Archival Collections

Scanning and repairing of prints and slides archived in libraries, historical societies, schools and museums -- with Ron       
Goodenow you get a professional historian's judgment and experience to the fullest with prices that are considerate of your
budget and the need for future planning. 
One of our customers is the Boylston (MA) Historical Society (photo below), where we are helping preserve its collection of photos to keep them safe and make them more available to the public.

Ron Goodenow was a professional historian at leading American colleges and universities for many years before changing his focus to information technology and networking. With the support of several foundations he did extensive photo documentary work that was widely exhibited and is now
in the Watkinson Library, at Trinity College in Hartford, Ct. 

We use Adobe, Olympus, Epson, Canon, Panasonic-Leica and Polaroid products to do our work. 

Our digital single-lens-reflex and other cameras are very high resolution and feature extreme wide angle capabilities.  Our pricing is very simple and we will work with you at all stages of project development -- until you are satisfied..

Drop us a note if you need a quote or want further information on pricing and services. We'll give you service that will make you smile.
Call Ron Goodenow at 508-393-5619 or 508-847-0111(cell). Note we travel a great deal.

Would you like to know more about what Ron Goodenow does? Click here.            

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